Our story

At the heart of Hiima you find Coralie and Alexis.


Coralie studied fashion and then worked for garment and shoe brands in Paris and Spain.


Alexis studied trade before joining Coralie in fashion marketing.


A couple both in the city and also in business. After several experiences in both fast fashion and luxury brands, they have the same analysis:

Why is everything that is beautiful and good quality have to be so expensive?


Hiima is founded by the desire to defy standards by offering quality products at the most accessible prices.


We share our time between France where we have our foundations, our friends and our family, and Portugal, renowned for its skill in shoe manufacturing.

All our creations are made in Portugal with raw materials that come predominantly from Italy and Spain. We want to offer limited collections that we will renew each month.


Our products are not sold in stores, everything is done online without intermediaries. Because of this, our margin is reduced and we are able to offer you items at this price without ever compromising quality.


We are also giving you the opportunity to become an integral part of our manufacturing process by offering a pre-ordering service that takes between 5 to 6 weeks and enables us to provide our customers with unbeatable prices.

May 2017 : The success we had on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding site where we raised € 12,000, further reinforced our desire to continue this great project Hiima.

We are passionate people and we think there is a lot to do. We have started with women's shoes and bags but our goal for the future is to expand not only into men's wear but also into children's wear, and the world of clothing. 

Video of our campaign :

Video of our brand