At Hiima's origin, Coralie and Alexis,

She studied fashion and then worked for garment and shoe brands in Paris and Spain..

He studied business before joining her in fashion marketing.

A couple both in the city and also in business. After several experiences in both fast fashion and luxury brands, they have the same analysis:

Why is everything that is beautiful and good quality have to be so expensive?


Hiima is founded by the desire to defy these standards.

The concept : High Fashion at ready-to-wear price

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We believe in an other way to make luxury, more ethical and more affordable by focusing in what is really important: the product.


All our creations are handly made in Portugal in human size manufactures who also work for internationaly known brand.


We only use noble raw materials coming from Italy or Spain.


In order to ensure the cheapest price, we cut all the middlemen, we manage ourself the making in tight relationship with the manufactures and we only sell online. Our margin is also reduce, that's how we are at least three time less expensive then another traditional luxury brand.


Our pieces are available in small series or in limited pre order.


We think that fashion is not suppose to happen twice a year, that's why we give you an appointment every 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month to discover new models.

The designer word

« Hiima is a fashion brand that i created with Alexis for every girl that like beautiful and well made products, with that little detail that makes all the difference.

What drives me when i imagine our models, it is to find the perfect detail that will make the difference when you will wear it: the small pompom, the right knot, the small golden piece… all these parts will make this product exclusive and perennially fashionable.

The idea is to propose smart, modern, quality and timeless products that you will be able to wear daily night and days.


As fashion designer, I imagine and draw every model by thinking what could appeal you. The sketches become animated as the various processes of creation and manufacture take place in the small workshops with which we have a trustful relationship.


" I really hope that you will enjoy wearing our creations as much as we had creating them for you."


Any question or request ?


We are at your disposal, send us your questions or suggestions and we will do our best to answer you as soon as possible.

Video presentation of our 2017 crowdfunding campaign

Video presentation of our 2017 crowdfunding campaign